April 11-12, 2016 • Manchester, NH

2016 New England Conference for PreK-3rd Grade EducatorsMore than 500 New England educators are coming together this April... are you in?

The New England Conference for PreK-3rd Grade Educators is the #1 must-attend conference for 2016!

With hundreds of practical and proven strategies, the New England Conference for PreK-3 Educators is full of the content you’ve asked for—and need—to be successful in your classroom:

  • Increase your understanding of instructional strategies
  • Gain exposure to formative assessments
  • Solidify your grasp of the latest behavior and classroom management techniques
  • Update your strategy for integrating technology into your classroom
Connect Current & Relevant Topics to Learning

We’ve selected topic areas that are necessary right now, and paired them with strategies to help you be successful. Jumpstart critical thinking. Discover techniques for developing strong comprehension and fluency skills throughout the content areas. And maximize student learning opportunities through effective time management, technology integration, and the application of best practices in differentiated instruction.

Explore New Ways to Introduce (and Excel at) Teaching Academic Topics

This year’s conference is more content-rich than ever! Educational experts guide you through targeted and specific content areas within the standards, and focus on areas of particular importance to your grade level. You’ll gain the motivation and energy to sustain you throughout the rest of the school year and the confidence to take the content-area games, activities, and strategies (all designed to maximize learning) back to your classroom!

Increase Your Understanding
—and Your Confidence!

Whether you need assistance implementing the standards or you’re beyond that and need to focus on the specific content within them, our expert presenters will provide you with ideas that are easy-to-act-on and will truly resonate within your class. You’ll discover innovative ways to prepare and manage a child-centered learning environment that provides your students with hands-on opportunities to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

Apply Practical & Fun Strategies Immediately

All of the strategies you’ll gain are based around cutting-edge research, important issues, and developing trends in PreK-3 instruction. They are easily implemented in your classroom, too. Whether you’re looking for strategies for interventions, techniques for behavior management or reducing anxiety, or ways for making classroom teaching more effective, we’ve got them all covered!

Have Fun & Reignite Your Passion for Teaching

Infused with a great balance of technology, excitement, and rigor, this conference is the place to make big gains in learning and achievement and develop new knowledge you can confidently take back to your students. Plus, you’ll enjoy conference “add-ons,” including a morning yoga session, a camaraderie booth, and innovative take-away tips and author signings.