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Mar 21: What's the Big Idea? STEM in the K-5 Classroom (Grades K-5)
Mar 30: Morning Meeting & Afternoon Wrap-Up (Gr. K-3)
Apr 12: Teaching Kids To Thrive: Essential SEL Skills for Success (K-8)
Apr 18: Visual Literacy: Reading and Writing in the Digital Age (Grades K-5)
May 2: Standards-Based Learning, Assessing and Grading (Grades K-12)
May 11: Thinking Out Loud on Paper: Foster Learning with Interactive Notebooks (Grades K-5)
May 25: 5 Things Every Principal Should Know About Differentiated Instruction (Grades K-12)
Jun 7: Identifying and Diagnosing Error Patterns (Grades 1-5)
3 Big Ideas to Help You Raise Funds for Professional Development (K-12)
5 Great Tech Tricks Every Teacher Should Know (Gr. K-3)
Addition & Subtraction Computation Using Place Value Materials (Gr. 3-8)
Addition Magician, Subtraction Reaction (Gr. 1–3)
Alphabetic Principles as Easy as ABC (Gr. PreK-K)
Are You a H.O.T. Teacher? (Gr. 1-3)
Bringing Math to Life through Literature (Gr. K-3)
Building Math Fluency with Number Talks (Gr. K-2)
Building Student Executive Function and Problem Solving (Grades K-5)
A Circle of Learning: Differentiated Whole-Group Games for Our Youngest Learners (Gr. PreK-K)
Create More Time & Space through Organization (Gr. K-2)
Developing Content Knowledge with Literacy Centers (Gr. 4-8)
Diagnosing Struggling Student Math Errors (Gr. 3-5)
Differentiated Instruction: What NOT to Do (Gr. 3-12)
Engaging the Learner (Gr. K-5)
Q & A: Exploring Solutions to Your Instructional Challenges (Gr. 1-3)
Finally, Fine Motor! (Gr. PreK-K)
Flash Facts for Multiplication and Division (Gr. 3-5)
Foundations of Number Sense (Gr. K-1)
Fraction Fun & Games (Grades 3-6)
Games that Stick...Playful Ways to Work With Numbers (Gr. K-2)
Grit, Mindset, and Determination (Gr. 1-8)
Ignite a Passion for Learning by Tinkering! (Gr. K-5)
Increasing Teacher Effectiveness with Visible Differentiation Strategies (Gr. 3-12)
An Introduction to Project-Based Learning (Gr. K-5)
Jump-Starting Student Brains After Break (Gr. K-3)
Let Them Be Heard: Helping Students Present Knowledge and Ideas (Gr. K-5)
Lively Letters & Sassy Sounds: Phonemic Awareness & Phonics (Gr. PreK-K)
Making Math Meaningful: Rich Math Tasks (Gr. 3-5)
Math the C-P-A Way (Gr. K-2)
Modeling Grit: Developing Educator Perseverence Skills (Gr. K-12)
Motivate Me! Strategies to Foster Motivation & Strengthen Academic Perseverance (Gr. 3-8)
Organization Tips for an Amazing Classroom! (Gr. PreK-1)
Playing All the Way to Good Behavior & Self-Control (Gr. PreK-1)
Picture This: Enhancing Visualization & Visual Memory Development (Gr. K-3)
Preparing Students for Success: An Introduction to STEM and NGSS (Gr. K-8)
Put Your 'Thinking' Caps On! (Gr. K-1)
Reach, Teach, Lead & Succeed with Underserved Students - An Introduction to Mama J's 5 POWER Principles (Gr. K-12)
Reading by Grade 3: More Important than Ever! (Gr. K-3)
Rigor! What's It All About? (Gr. K-2)
Successful Interventions: A Teacher's Tool Kit (Gr. K-5)
Time's Up on Timed Tests! (Gr. 1-5)
"We Can Do This!" Using Student-Written Mentor Texts to Teach and Inspire (Gr. K-2)
Wonderful One Hit Wonders for Social Studies! (Gr. K-3)
Writing With Your Little Ones (Gr. K-2)
Yes, You CAN Teach Math! (Gr. K-5)
Zany, Brainy Strategies for Emergent Guided Reading (Gr. K-2)

List of Take-Away Tips

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Adding the Arts to Your Common Core Lessons
Ask Questions of Your Struggling Readers
Before You Start a Lesson, Ask Yourself These Questions
Build Muscle Memory for Model Drawing
Close Reading is Not Guided Reading
Construct Maps of Familiar Places (Social Studies CCSS for K)
Critical Thinking Using Children's Literature
Daily Physical Readiness Activities
Easy and Consistent Structure for Your Mini Lessons
Establishing Your Students' Attention Prior to Teaching
Expose Students to New Kinds of Texts in a Whole Group Setting
Formative Assessment: Best At the Beginning and End of the Day
Have a Back-Up Plan in Your Back Pocket
Have Students Project Their Own Grades and Set Their Own Goals
Hold 'Em High! Inviting Critical Thinking During Read-Alouds
Integrate CCSS with Math by Playing "Poison"
Intervention or Just Motivation?
Kinesthetic Vocabulary
Learning Fractions with Patty Paper
Managing Administrative Paperwork with a Tickler File
Managing Students During Independent Center Time
Matching Games That Teach
Moving without Disturbing
Organizing Manipulatives in Your Classroom
Picturing Words to Build Vocabulary
Plan Your Centers Using the Standards
Put Their Hands Down: Engage Them in Other Ways
Run Your Classroom with Rituals
Sharing Communication and Voice Through Technology
Smiley Face Math Center Idea
Students Who Can't Sit Still
Successful Interventions Require the Right Amount of Repetition
Supporting a Struggling Math Learner
Supporting Students with ADHD, Sensory Processing, and Other Challenges
Take Advantage of Teachable Moments
Talk About Math
Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
The Power of Eye Contact with Your Students
Throw Out Your Red Pen and Correct in Yellow
Twisting Tweeting for the Classroom
Use Conversation as an Alternative to Phyiscal Writing
Use Drawing to Improve Reading Comprehension
Use Students' Names to Enrich K Learning
Use the Arts to Teach Story Sequence and Grammar
Using a Deck of Cards for Number Fluency
Using Singapore Math to Decompose CCSS

List of Videos

SDE: Our Who, What, and Why
Human Potential with Anthony Muhammed, Ph.D.
Actively Learning with Kim Adsit
Thinking Mathematically with Char Forsten
Dr. Jean's Tips and Activites for the First Days of School
Introduction to Model Drawing with Ricky Mikelman
Foundations of Number Sense with Ricky Mikelman
Recoding Teaching with Rick Wormeli
Rick Wormeli Talks DI and Reading Endurance
Rick Wormeli Talks DI and Time Management
Rick Wormeli Talks DI and Creativity
Understanding Differentiation with LeAnn Nickelsen
Cha Cha Chas with LeAnn Nickelsen
Children Are Individuals with Sherri Strating
The Time of Common Core with Eliza Sorte-Thomas
Number Sense with Eliza Sorte-Thomas
Perennial Skills with Richard Cash, Ed.D.
Hear The Leader with Principal Baruti Kafele
Change In Attitude with Principal Baruti Kafele
Extraordinary Attitude: Administrator Summit '13 Keynote
Creating Music with Jack Hartmann
In The Trenches with Melissa Leach
Hot Topics with Jim Grant
Little Tips, Big Differences with Donna Whyte
Building Foundations with Anni Stipek
Creating Games with Greg Tang
Critical Thinking with Cheryl Dick
Nobody's Perfect with Deanna Jump
How SDE Helped Me with Deanna Jump
Help Every Child Grow with Betty Hollas
The Web-Based Generation with Katherine McKnight Ph.D.
Teach Fewer Things Better with Laureen Reynolds
Understanding Technology with Laureen Reynolds
Technology In Common Core with Lori Elliott, Ed.D.
Do One Thing Well with Lori Elliott, Ed.D.
Word Walls with Julie Brinkley
Feel Good About Math with Catherine Kuhns
SDE Hallmarks of the Extraordinary Classroom

List of Articles

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The 8 Mathematical Practices: New Roles for Teachers and Students
The 8 Mathematical Practices: What’s the Real Value in the K–2 Classroom?
Adding Value to the Classroom with the iPad®
Back to School: Setting an Independent Learning Culture from Day One
Can Existing Lessons Fit the Common Core?
Can Tweeting Really Improve Instruction?
Children’s Literature in Science and Math? Yes, Indeed.
Chromebook Apps: We Pick the Best for You
Closing the Literacy Gap: Could Self-Regulation Be the Solution?
Common Core and the Six Traits Connection
Common Core State Standards and Singapore Math: A Perfect Fit
The Common Core National Assessment: A Progress Report
Developing Number Sense: The Singapore Solution
Differentiation of Instruction in the Elementary Grades
Effective Feedback: A Tool for Learning and Achievement
Home School Connection: Send This Letter to Your Parents
Formative Assessment Using Feedback: Dispelling the Myths
Fractions and Division: Predicting Overall Math Success
The Hurried, Stressed Out Child: Are Educators Part of the Problem?
Implementing the Common Core State Standards: Teachers Know Best
The Importance of a Well-Organized Classroom
Infusing Effective Technology with Teaching Generation Y
Integrating Music and Movement into the Early Childhood Curriculum
Is Teaching to Meet Expectations Enough?
Kindergarten Readiness: The Elephant in the Room
Laying the Foundation for Math Success with Early Numeracy
Managing ADHD and Sensory Processing Behaviors in the Classroom
Math Anchor Tasks: It’s Not About the Answer—It’s About the Process
Model Drawing: Could It Be the Missing Link in Your Math Instruction?
Number Bonds: Do They Really Bring About Better Understanding?
Overcoming the Challenges of Integrating Technology into K-12 Teaching and Learning
Reinforcing Concepts and Skills in the Early Grades with Math Talk
Reaching for and Achieving the Common Core Reading Standards: Why Mini-Lessons?
Singapore Math Strategies and Success for Every Teacher
Six-Trait Writing: It’s All About Revision
Struggling Readers: Building Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance
Succeeding in the 21st Century: Our Kids Need More Than Smarts. They Need Grit.
Teacher Attitude: Why It Matters to Students—More Than Anything Else
Teaching a Deep Understanding of Fractions: 3 Keys to Getting It Right
Teaching in the 21st Century: New Ways to Put the Pieces Together
Technology and the Common Core: No Longer an Option, But a Necessity
Technology in the Classroom: A Reality Check
Transitioning to the Common Core: 5 Steps for Administrators
Why U.S. Lags in Math—and What We Can Do About It
Why Teens Don’t Read and What Teachers Can Do About It
Winter Break: Helping Parents Keep the Learning Going at Home
Your iPad® Classroom: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

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Current News

3/18/15: National Conference for Second Grade Teachers Provides Schema for Year-Long Success
3/12/15: I Teach 1st! Offers Largest Grade-Specific Event of Its Kind
3/3/15: I Teach K! Delivers Strategies and Inspiration to Kindergarten Teachers
2/24/15: SDE Brings Inspiration, Expertise, and More to Las Vegas Summer National Events
2/17/15: National Conference on Reading, Writing, Math and More! Promises Educational Experts, Robust Teaching Strategies, and Inspiration
2/5/15: New England’s Biggest, and Most Popular Conference for PreK-3 Educators is Back in 2015
2/3/15: February Conference for Illinois First Grade Teachers Aims to Help Meet the Illinois Learning Standards
10/16/14: Education Expert Kim Adsit Shows Teachers How to “Teach Smarter, Not Harder”
10/14/14: Explore Key Instructional Math Skills, Perseverance, and Problem-Solving in a Unique New 2-Day Math Academy
10/10/14: SDE Seminar Helps Educators Learn the Principles and Strategies to Improve Student Math
10/8/14: Calling All New England-based Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teachers!
10/6/14: Use Mini-Lessons as a Powerful Tool for Encouraging Young Learners to Read, Think, and Reason
10/3/14: Join Best-Selling Author and Teacher Favorite Dr. Jean Feldman for a Rocking, Rhyming Good Time
10/1/14: Ricky Mikelman, SDE Employee Presenter, Illustrates New Math Techniques in Camdenton, MO
9/30/14: SDE’s State Conferences for Kindergarten Teachers Provide Powerful Expertise, Motivation, and Practical Strategies
9/25/14: SDE Announces Upcoming Conferences Especially for First Grade Teachers
9/16/14: Shannon Samulski and Lisa Handyside, SDE Presenters, Coach Teachers on the Eight Math Practices in Sheridan County, WY
8/18/14: SDE Seminar with Acclaimed Educator Rick Wormeli Helps Educators Better Assess Student Learning

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