Anxious/Stressed Students: What You Can Do About It

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BlogPostGraphic_Anxious-Stressed-StudentsBy Jim Grant, SDE Founder and Consultant

My most popular workshop for parents and educators today is “Grit and Growth Mindset: The Key to Perseverance.” As a presenter, I have discovered that one workshop will often give birth to another. This was the case with my new workshop on anxious/stressed children. I have observed that anxiety and stress is often one of the reasons why some students haven’t yet become gritty or developed a growth mindset. Not too long ago ADD/ADHD was the most common issue for referring children who struggled. Today, school officials report that anxiety and stress are the top psychological problems for children Continue reading

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Twitter in MY Classroom? This Is What It Looks Like.

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BlogPostGraphic_TwitterInMyClassroomIt’s Monday afternoon in a kindergarten class in an elementary school in Anytown, USA. Five- and six-year-olds are gathering to think about their day, what they’ve learned, and what they’d like to share via Twitter to fellow classmates in Indonesia, Germany, or Brazil.

First, the teacher signs into the classroom Twitter account. Then, she projects the site onto SmartBoard® and the class begins verbalizing some of the many exciting things they experienced in their kindergarten day…  Continue reading

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Developing Critical Thinkers Part 1: Visualization

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BlogPostGraphic_PlaceholderBy Anni Stipek, SDE Educational Consultant

What does it mean to be a critical thinker and how can we help develop critical thinkers in the classroom? I might just have an idea or two for you.  Join me for the first part of this series.

Let’s first start with the definition of Critical Thinking:

“the process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion.”

One thing is clear, students who have Continue reading

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Your iPad® Classroom: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

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BlogPostGraphic_YouriPadClassroomEvery day you seem to hear or read about a school or district that’s buying iPads for the classroom. This alone is an astonishing development. The iPad hasn’t really been around all that long. And educators aren’t known for being early adopters of any technology.

Yet, it’s easy to explain the device’s popularity. It’s small, affordable, easy to use, and portable. It’s engaging and exciting for students. It adds a new dimension of fun to learning. For those reasons alone, it’s here to stay, you can bet on that.  Yet the speed at which it is being brought into classrooms can be overwhelming. Especially for teachers who have to figure out how to turn it into a legitimate, integrated, and successful learning tool.

Here are 6 common mistakes teachers make Continue reading

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What Makes Writing Instruction Fun?

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What Makes Writing Instruction FunBy Laureen Reynolds, SDE Educational Consultant

As I was thinking about what to entice you with in this post within the realm of writing, I was reviewing my posts over the last two years. I noticed that while we have had conversations about writing to accommodate the standards and, most recently, about including some technology into our writing plans, I neglected to start you at the beginning of writing.

What makes writing instruction fun? How do we engage students more readily? What kinds of things can we do to Continue reading

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