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Anxious/Stressed Students: What You Can Do About It

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By Jim Grant, SDE Founder and Consultant My most popular workshop for parents and educators today is “Grit and Growth Mindset: The Key to Perseverance.” As a presenter, I have discovered that one workshop will often give birth to another. … Continue reading

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Twitter in MY Classroom? This Is What It Looks Like.

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It’s Monday afternoon in a kindergarten class in an elementary school in Anytown, USA. Five- and six-year-olds are gathering to think about their day, what they’ve learned, and what they’d like to share via Twitter to fellow classmates in Indonesia, … Continue reading

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Developing Critical Thinkers Part 1: Visualization

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By Anni Stipek, SDE Educational Consultant What does it mean to be a critical thinker and how can we help develop critical thinkers in the classroom? I might just have an idea or two for you.  Join me for the first … Continue reading

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Your iPad® Classroom: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

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Every day you seem to hear or read about a school or district that’s buying iPads for the classroom. This alone is an astonishing development. The iPad hasn’t really been around all that long. And educators aren’t known for being … Continue reading

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What Makes Writing Instruction Fun?

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By Laureen Reynolds, SDE Educational Consultant As I was thinking about what to entice you with in this post within the realm of writing, I was reviewing my posts over the last two years. I noticed that while we have had … Continue reading

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