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Twitter in MY Classroom? This Is What It Looks Like.

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It’s Monday afternoon in a kindergarten class in an elementary school in Anytown, USA. Five- and six-year-olds are gathering to think about their day, what they’ve learned, and what they’d like to share via Twitter to fellow classmates in Indonesia, … Continue reading

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Today’s Teens: Is Reading a Dying Art?

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As an educator, there’s a pretty good chance you grew up loving to read. Today, you enjoy nothing more than immersing yourself in a good book.  The characters, the plot, the language—everything about reading fires up your imagination. You probably … Continue reading

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Play Time: It Does a Lot More than Just Get the “Wiggles” Out

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As teachers, we all know about stress. Oh, do we. In fact, teaching is considered to be one of the most stressful careers. On our feet all day, we’re juggling meetings, overwhelming paperwork, concerns about standards, high-stakes testing, and difficult … Continue reading

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Gifted Students and the $1,000 Question

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There are so many debates swirling around the idea of gifted students. Educators go back and forth on what gifted really means, how to identify and measure giftedness, whether you are born with it or it is developed. Think back … Continue reading

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The Puzzling Job of a Teacher in Today’s Classroom

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Your job as a teacher is becoming more complex—and stressful. With the introduction of the Common Core State Standards, you’re being called upon to transform your instruction to ensure all students master content and are able to apply it. On … Continue reading

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